Specimen name: Peniocereus greggii
Habitat: Dessert
Location: Arizona, New Mexico, USA and Chihuahua, Mexico
Status: <VU> Vulnerable

Bloom is a typeface derived from the Peniocereus greggii- a cactus that only blooms once a year for a couple of hours. The typeface is inspired by the form of the plant itself that embodies many petals which are represented by the many edges this typeface features.

This species are generally five to ten centimeters in diameter, thus is quite vague and may be easily overlooked. However, it is a highly desired specimen plant by cactus collectors, hence, collection seems to be a major threat to this species. Urbanization and agriculture which severely damage pollinator populations are becoming a major threat in the Southwest. This species is also threatened by the development from power lines, pipelines, windmill farms, and also from the use of Herbicide.

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blossom — felicia usinto        

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